Holiday Wholesale Items


easter hot cross bunsHOT CROSS BUNS. Sweet, yeast leavened and made with raisins and spiced. Our buns are based on the fourteenth century Saxon recipe created to honor the goddess Eostre, although we no longer add the traditional Medieval ox blood and salted toad to our recipe. Bonus: If taken on a sea voyage, hot cross buns are said to protect against shipwreck.
Available during Easter.


Our biggest holiday seller. Made the traditional Irish way but with the Bread & Cie. twist which includes raisins and other special ingredients.
Available during the week(s) before St. Patrick’s Day.



Round Holiday ChallahRound Holiday Challah. Plain and Raisin.
If left to our own devices during the Jewish High Holiday season, we at Bread & Cie. Just LOVE to symbolize the circle of the life and nature as well as the cycle of a new year with our round braided challah. OK…OK…. Maybe this wasn’t our idea originally. Maybe some rabbi in the holy land preempted us by a few thousand years. In any case, we like this symbolic tradition and love braiding all the round challot (pl. of ‘challah’) we can at this time of year.
Available Selected Jewish Holidays.

Dark Belgium chocolate and sweet cherries in a buttery brioche-type dough.
As specified in the Geneva Convention, we are only allowed to bake this insanely rich and delicious bread once a year.
Available at Christmas time only

Bread and Cie's Fresh PanettonePANETTONE. Made fresh. Daily.
Christmas and New Year’s Bread Party Like It’s 1999 In Milan!
Our bakers bring out the best of traditional Panettone using an assortment of candied and crystalized fruits and raisins. But sotto voce: the real secret is in the ricotta cheese we use. We find it adds complexity and moisture to this spcial holiday bread.
Available at Christmas time only

A Bread & Cie. Holiday Tradition. We use real cranberries… not sweetened and dried. This is just one of the elements that makes this bread complex and interesting and a perpetual holiday favorite at Bread & Cie.


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