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European Rye

With and without caraway. A darker and denser rye bread then our New York rye. Naturally leavened with our sourdough starter, this style of dark rye bread is moister and tangier then the straight-yeasted N.Y. Rye. Traditionally found in Germany and eastern Europe, our European rye is a perfect accompanying bread for a hearty soup or your next polka fest.
Available Tuesdays.


Leavened with commercial yeast. This is a traditional bread from the Provence region of France. The unique tree shape is hand cut and insures plenty of crispy crust in every bite. Sold sprinkled with a mixture of fennel, poppy, and sesame seeds. 100% unbleached wheat flour.
Available Tuesday & Saturday.

Walnut & Scallion

Naturally leavened bread. A classic combination of whole wheat and toasted walnuts is updated and complimented perfectly with the addition of chopped fresh scallions, that provides a surprising sweetness. 66% unbleached wheat flour, 34% organic whole-wheat flour.
Available Wednesday & Saturday.

Garlic Chevre BreadGarlic & Chevre (goat cheese)

Naturally leavened bread. Made with chopped roasted garlic, Laura Chenel Chevre, and cracked black pepper. This bread has a strong and rich flavor. 100% unbleached wheat flour.
Available Thursday & Sunday

French Bread

Leavened with commercial yeast. A classic French dough with a thin, crisp crust. Our lengthy fermentation allows us to use less yeast, which allows the clean, nutty flavor of the wheat to dominate.

French Batard

Our classic French dough in the shape of a ‘batard’. A ’football’ shaped loaf, the batard was one of the last classic shapes the French formed. And since we have some space to fill, here’s a useless piece of bread trivia: The word ‘batard’ is French for ‘bastard’. Originally French bakers only shaped their French dough into baguette and boule (round) shapes. Then in the 19th century a baker came up with the loaf shape. It was a hit. The loaf wasn’t shaped like a baguette or a round, it was something in between. So customers referred to it as a “bastard” hence… batard. Voila! La trivia Francais!

French Ficelle (“String”) Thin Baguette

Classic French bread formed as long as a traditional baguette, but much thinner (hence a “string”). Again, with the new shape: More crust surface then a traditional baguette with less interior crumb. This (and our ‘epis’) were created for our rad customers who are into Extreme Crusting.

Pane Carsioni (bacon and pancetta bread)

This is serious bacon bread — made with two types of cured pig. It’s made with bacon, pancetta and seasoned with ground black pepper. And the overall dough is a light and sweet sourdough. We love it and hope you will too.
Available Friday & Monday.

Sourdough Bread

Naturally leavened bread with sourdough starter. A true sourdough, our loaves go through a 4 day fermentation process from the building of the “mother” to the baking of the dough. Our sourdough has a crisp and chewy crust with a moist open crumb, and a well-balanced flavor. We favor a slightly “sweeter” flavor than traditional San Francisco sourdoughs (sometimes known to be flavored with vinegar). 100% unbleached wheat flour.

Sourdough Boule (round)

Our sourdough shaped round. Offered in various sizes for such uses as an individual soup bowl, 2 lb table round, etc.

Seedy Sourdough

Sourdough dipped in our seed mix. Offered in various shapes and sizes including classic baguette (pictured) and different weighted batard loaves.

Country Levain

Naturally leavened. Classic rustic French peasant bread. Crisp, dark brown crust enhances flavor. Wonderful as a table bread with most any meal. 83% unbleached wheat flour, 17% organic whole wheat flour.


A rich bread with a tender crumb, made with eggs and butter. Commercially yeasted, our brioche has golden and flaky crust that’s accentuated by an egg wash which we apply after proofing.

French Epi

Made with French and Sourdough and formed into the shape of the flower of wheat. Decorative and designed for those who like crispy little end pieces.

Whole Wheat

A rich,classic whole wheat bread with a touch of sweetness. We use organic flour for our whole wheat. Leavened with commercial yeast.


Combines commercial yeast with natural leavening. Traditional Italian bread with light crust and extremely open, airy crumb. 100% unbleached wheat flour. Hand-stretched to achieve unique shape.

Ciabatta Sandwich Bun

Sandwich-sized ciabatta buns. And for those reading these bread descriptions with the intent of learning a foreign language: the word “ciabatta” means “slipper” in Italian.


Naturally leavened bread using a combination of 8 grains and seeds. A dense, dark, healthy, wholesome bread made with flours including organic whole wheat. Sweetened slightly with a bit of honey.

Black Olive

Naturally leavened bread (as opposed to commercially yeasted). Moist, chewy bread full of pitted black Kalamata olives. Open crumb. 100% unbleached wheat flour. Purple tint is as result of the olives staining the dough.

Caramelized Onion

Our Caramelized Onion Bread is fermented without commercial yeast to a rich, sweet and complex flavor. Large chunks of sweet yellow onions are caramelized and added to the dough. Brown mustard and imported caraway seeds add “pop” to the consistency and bite to the taste. The crumb is creamy white and very moist.

Fig & Anise BreadFig & Anise

Naturally leavened bread. Slightly sweet with chopped and pureed figs and whole anise seed. 95% unbleached wheat flour, 5% organic whole wheat flour, cornmeal, sugar. Dark color is a result of the sugar caramelizing. It’s the oldest of our recipes, based on a bread baked by the Roman Army as they marched.

Lemon Pugliese

A classic Italian bread in the “low-salt” tradition of the bread of Puglia, Italy. It is a unique creation by the bakers of Bread & Cie Bakery, designed to go with the classic “lite” Southern California food favorites like chicken, fish, etc. A fresh and clean taste.

Jalapeno & Cheese

Naturally leavened bread. This bread has chunks of sharp cheddar cheese and slices of spicy jalapeno peppers. Developed to reflect the cuisine of the southwest. 100% unbleached flour.

Rosemary Olive Oil

Naturally leavened bread. A traditional French flavor combination: extra-virgin olive oil with chopped fresh rosemary. 100% unbleached wheat flour, extra-virgin olive oil, chopped fresh local rosemary.

New York Corn Rye

Combination of natural leavening with commercial yeast. A classic New York rye, with the addition of rye meal keeps the bread moist and gives this bread a bit coarser texture. 63% unbleached wheat flour, 37% rye flour. The “corn” refers to the corn flour with which our loaves are covered.

Three Raisin Bread

Combination of natural leavening with commercial yeast. Our raisin bread is a classic of the variety, with a soft crust and a moist, dense interior packed with currants, black raisins, and golden raisins. Sweetened with sugar and molasses, it also contains eggs, whole milk, and butter to make it extra-rich. 100% unbleached wheat flour.


Leavened with commercial yeast, this is a traditional braided egg bread (similar to a brioche) traditionally eaten by Jews during Friday night Sabbath services. Moist, rich and chewy, you don’t have to be Jewish to love this bread. Sweetened with sugar, and made rich with eggs, whole milk, and butter. Sold either plain or with poppy or sesame seeds. 100% unbleached wheat flour.

Walnut Raisin BreadWalnut Raisin

Naturally leavened bread made with unbleached flour and organic whole wheat flour, studded with toasted walnuts and black and golden raisins.

Dinner Rolls

French, Olive, Rosemary/Olive Oil, Levain, Sourdough, Multi-grain and other flavors to orde.

Hoagie Buns

Softer crusted Italian sandwich classic. Made from airy French/Italian bread dough.

Hamburger Buns

A selection of shapes and sizes, including slider buns. Our buns are made with or without black and white sesame seeds; white flour, etc.

foccaccia breadFocaccia (plain and rosemary)

Sold by the half and full sheet pan sizes. Although  primarily a ’straight yeasted’ dough, we add some sourdough starter for texture, flavor and complexity. Unbleached flour, filtered water, white starter, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, & yeast.

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