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Brezzy Leigh’s Vision

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Art on the walls at our café is not news, with a new show by a local artist every month. However, we are particularly proud this month to be showing the most recent work of photographer, Breezy Leigh. Ms. Leigh chose our café to be the first local venue to display her new collection. The reaction has been swift and strong:

“Ms. Leigh magically captures the recognizable essence of every locale she photographs and transports us immediately through her camera lens. Yet her images are transformative. Her camera is the master of contradictions and contrasts — her use of luminescent light against a backdrop of blackness, her silhouetted shapes against a darkening sky, her sense of the moment that manages to integrate stillness and motion – these are the hallmarks of her work. Her images are powerful, recognizable and evocative. Truly beautiful.” Demitriy Davidoff, Nations Art News

The show will be up throughout the entire month of April at the café. All photographs are original and framed by the artist and Ms. Leigh has agreed to sign all photographs. Born in San Diego, Ms. Leigh has been pursuing the visual arts for over ten years and currently works at Bread & Cie. Café.






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The Best Selling… and Best Smelling
Art Gallery In San Diego

At Bread & Cie., art isn’t just baked in ovens or served to our patrons on plates. Art is visible everywhere inside the café because it is an integral part of Bread & Cie.’s identity since our inception in 1994.

Displaying the works of San Diego’s most talented artists has been pivotal to the fabric and ambiance of the bakery. Called “One of the most unexpected and innovative art galleries in San Diego” (S.D. Union Tribune) Bread & Cie Cafe proudly features a different local artist every month.

Art curator and gallery veteran Elizabeth Cumming organizes and supervises the rotating art exhibits, all of which are booked months in advance. Bread & Cie does not charge artists for displaying their work, nor does Bread & Cie take a percentage of the sales.

P.S. Artists must leave their art on the walls for the duration of their month and must be kind to their mothers. If this agreement cannot be made, they are not considered.

Lisa Did it. I swear.

The Permanent Art in the Cafe, that is.

Simply put, if you’re in the café and see something you like (non-edible), chances are local artist Lisa Schirmer did it.

From the French countryside tromp d’oeil mural in the bathroom to the magnetic metal daily bread menu adjacent to the front window, to the rooster laying an egg on the hanging cafe menu, to the fabric on the back of the banquettes….they were all created by Lisa Schirmer, O.A.B.&C.*

One of San Diego’s most valuable natural resources, Lisa has created innovative art for venues both public and private throughout the city


*Official Artist of Bread & Cie.

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