Platters & Salads for Meetings and Events

Catering orders come with all necessary flatware, napkins and utensils.
Please give us at least a 24 hours notice. Merci.
To place your order, please call us at (619) 683-9322.

Catering for Daytime Business and Social Events

The Baker’s Basket

“Le Panier du Boulanger”
10 assorted large slices of our daily baked breads with sweet butter, preserves & cream cheese
$ 25.95 / basket

Business Day

“Journee d’Affaire”
(for all day meetings)
Breakfast: continental breakfast
Lunch: assorted sandwich basket & salad
Snack: sweets basket
Minimum 7 people $ 22.95 / person


Assorted Sandwich Basket

“Le Panier de sandwiches”
12 assorted sandwiches chosen from our menu and served with our homemade seasoned bread chips
$ 98.95 / basket

Individual Lunch Boxes

“Chacun son casse-croute!”
1 sandwich, our homemade seasoned bread chips, 1 lemon or pecan banana bread slice or 1 cookie
Minimum 7 boxes, $ 11.00 / box

Mini Bites

“Amuse-Bouche” Platter
All the flavors of our delicious sandwiches in “open-faced” miniatures
Minimum 30, $ 1.69 / each piece

Salad Bowls

“Salade Composee” Large Bowls
Choose between our Baby Green; Mediterranean; or Bermuda Spinach salad served with French baguette Serves 7-10 people, $ 39.95 / bowl
For our chopped salad, $ 48.95 / bowl

“Salade de Fruits”
An assortment of pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe & strawberries
Serves 7-10 people $ 32.95 / bowl