Hillcrest Closet Menu revealed!

Grilled Potato & Cheddar

It’s time to “out” the first series of sandwiches from our Hillcrest Closet Menu exclusively to you, our online friends and followers. #1: MANCHEGO SUPREMA! A blend of Manchego and ricotta cheese with roasted eggplant and capers grilled on Levain. #2: GRILLED POTATO & CHEDDAR! Sharp cheddar and sliced baked potato with chives on Caramelized […]

Fun with bread (part two)

Bread and The Dude

There’s just one more week left in our “Bread Your Stuff” contest and we’ve been getting some pretty great photos from our Facebook friends. Heather Mulno sent us this heart-shaped breading. So cute!

Mistakes, mishaps and bread of shame

Heart cookies from Bread & Cie

When I walked into the office this morning, there was a giant cart in the middle of the room filled with croissants. My first reaction went something like this: Woohoo! Pastry party, pastry party, pastry party! I know, I’m so naive. Any wholesale professional would immediately recognize that a cartful of pastries means we made a mistake. […]

Fun with bread (part one)


We’re in the midst of our “Bread Your Stuff” contest and some people around here are really going nuts with the idea. Take a look:

The freshman five

bread rack

    Let’s say I weighed 100 pounds when I first began working at Bread & Cie. (I didn’t, but just let me pretend.) It hasn’t even been two months and I’m already at “105.”

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