Brezzy Leigh’s Vision: Art @ The Café

Art on the walls at our café is not news, with a new show by a local artist every month. However, we are particularly proud this month to be showing the most recent work of photographer, Breezy Leigh. Ms. Leigh chose our café to be the first local venue to display her new collection. The […]

Whole Cakes, Pies and Tarts


We offer a wide selection of totally indulgent tarts, pies, mousses, and specialty cakes for pre-order. Some are occasionally available for immediate pick up at the café as well. Share our special full tarts and cakes with deserving friends; for that special occasion, or just as a “me” treat at home while you watch reality […]

Painter Jael Brael at the Café

Yael Brael For me, painting with oil is a type of magic. My images are interpretations and reflections of how I feel about what I see. My deepest area of concentration is to make every brush stroke reflects the intensity of color and the affect that light has on it. I include Faberge eggs because […]

Pane Carsioni

Pane Carsioni Bacon and Pancetta bread

As ever sensitive to the community and the growing trend toward vegetarianism, veganism and all things gluten free, the Bread & Cie. Bakers are proud to introduce our newest bread that we are calling: Pane Carsioni (bacon and pancetta bread) Traditionally, when we announce a new bread this written section contains a flowery description of […]

We are the SD Reader Cover Story!

San Diego Reader cover story on Bread and Cie

Charles has always said there is a little bit of him in each Bread et Cie loaf. Well (as witness by this cover photo) we find out it wasn’t a metaphor. Feature writer Maryann Castronovo peels away the layers and dares to reveal the true story the has never been told before: Read about: Bob […]

Currently on display: art with heart

Art at Cafe

If you’ve gone to the cafe lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the beautiful mosaic art hanging on the walls. There are rolling pins and pizza peels (also known as pizza shovels) whimsically decorated in colorful pieces – some with designs like fireflies and fruit, others abstract. See them in person and they’ll instantly make you […]

Hillcrest Closet Menu revealed!

Grilled Potato & Cheddar

It’s time to “out” the first series of sandwiches from our Hillcrest Closet Menu exclusively to you, our online friends and followers. #1: MANCHEGO SUPREMA! A blend of Manchego and ricotta cheese with roasted eggplant and capers grilled on Levain. #2: GRILLED POTATO & CHEDDAR! Sharp cheddar and sliced baked potato with chives on Caramelized […]

Presenting Bread & Cie’s Hillcrest Closet Menu

Coming Soon: The Bread & Cie Closet Menu

  It’s a secret. We’re only telling people about it online. Over the next few weeks, we’re previewing new sandwiches on what we’re calling our Hillcrest Closet Menu. New items will be revealed exclusively via Facebook and Twitter and you can taste test some new  – and  extreme -  Bread & Cie. gourmet creations before […]

The story behind Bread & Cie’s challah

Bread and Cie challah

Even though we’re all about rustic European breads here at Bread & Cie, it’s kind of funny that one of our most popular items is challah. Challah is a soft, sweet braided bread traditionally used for Jewish Sabbath dinners. As a Jewish person who has consumed plenty of challah over the years, I can wholeheartedly say that, yes, ours is the best. […]

French Metro Tea for three

French Metro Tea at Bread and Cie

I’m not just saying this because Charles is in here, staring over my shoulder, watching me type. I’m saying it because it’s true: I love tea. Love it. Years before I ever started working at Bread & Cie, my friend Angela and I would have lunch at the Cafe several times a week specifically because […]

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