Charity and Community Work

At Bread & Cie, we feel strongly about community involvement. When looking for a location to settle down in San Diego, we wanted a place that could stand on its own and bring people together. We found a perfect spot in Hillcrest and are proud to be a small thread in the fabric that makes this community great.

Bread & Cie is in the heart of Hillcrest and our café/bakery has indoor and outdoor space to gather with friends, family, colleagues and even enemies if you have them.

Food Donations

We donate all our unsold bread and pastries at day’s end to local, community based charities such as, Casa Des Pobres (an orphanage in Tijuana), and Jewish Family Services (among many others).

Community Involvement

We also participate in community events and donate to many worthwhile causes. If you would like more information please email us at

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