Pane Carsioni

As ever sensitive to the community and the growing trend toward vegetarianism, veganism and all things gluten free, the Bread & Cie. Bakers are proud to introduce our newest bread that we are calling:
Pane Carsioni (bacon and pancetta bread)
Traditionally, when we announce a new bread this written section contains a flowery description of the taste, taste overtones and a meticulous breakdown of the ingredients (ie “ ….overtones of winter wheat and a buttery chestnut springtime accent adds to the overall gestault of our new bread’s crumb” etc.)
But this is bacon bread for God’s sake. Made with two types of cured pig. And bacon grease. So just know it’s made with bacon, pancetta and seasoned with ground black pepper. And the overall dough is a light and sweet sourdough.
We love it. Hope you will too.

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