We are the SD Reader Cover Story!

Charles has always said there is a little bit of him in each Bread et Cie loaf. Well (as witness by this cover photo) we find out it wasn’t a metaphor.
Feature writer Maryann Castronovo peels away the layers and dares to reveal the true story the has never been told before:
Read about: Bob Hope’s influence on Charles and Bread & Cie
You’ll be amazed: To find out how a career in B- filmmaking lead to artisan bread making
Find out: How a phi beta kappa from Berkely was suckered into marrying Charles
You won’t believe: How Bread & Cie. began and what it was “the first” at
You’ll try to forget: Charles’ childhood and pastAttached: Photo of reader cover

See the full San Diego Reader story here:


Bonus Video!
Here’s how Charles’ idea for the cover photo became a non-photo shopped reality:

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