Presenting Bread & Cie’s Hillcrest Closet Menu


Coming Soon: The Bread & Cie Closet Menu

It’s a secret. We’re only telling people about it online.

Over the next few weeks, we’re previewing new sandwiches on what we’re calling our Hillcrest Closet Menu.

New items will be revealed exclusively via Facebook and Twitter and you can taste test some new  – and  extreme -  Bread & Cie. gourmet creations before they go up on our regular menu.

The sandwiches are $7.95 but Closet Menu insiders only pay $2.95. It’s the least we can do for your courage and honest reaction. (We’re donating the $5 per sandwich difference to the Make-A-Wish foundation.)

We’ll use your feedback to decide which items on the Hillcrest Closet Menu are good enough to be “outed” for everybody.

Stay tuned to Bread & Cie’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or keep checking this blog for details.

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One Response to “Presenting Bread & Cie’s Hillcrest Closet Menu”
  1. really excited to try the new Closet Menu sandwiches! But please never discontinue the older sandwiches!

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