Currently on display: art with heart

If you’ve gone to the cafe lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the beautiful mosaic art hanging on the walls.

There are rolling pins and pizza peels (also known as pizza shovels) whimsically decorated in colorful pieces – some with designs like fireflies and fruit, others abstract. See them in person and they’ll instantly make you smile.

Art at Cafe

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

It turns out the items were created by adults with developmental disabilities from the St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center in El Cajon. Since 1972, the organization has been teaching its students vocational skills as well as how to live independently. Bread & Cie’s been partnering with the organization over the years, displaying its artwork and bringing awareness to St. Madeleine’s.

For this particular installation, the adult artists began by drawing an image on their wood surface. Then came the difficult task of covering the pieces with tiny bits of glass and ceramic, including grouting between the spaces. Finally, they painted and sanded the exposed wood.

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

The mosaics on display are also for sale, with the money going back to the art program. You can find out more about St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center here.

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