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The freshman five

The freshman five
February 18, 2012 Nina


Heart cookies from Bread & Cie

Really, how can anyone say no to these?


Let’s say I weighed 100 pounds when I first began working at Bread & Cie. (I didn’t, but just let me pretend.)

It hasn’t even been two months and I’m already at “105.”

I knew gaining a few pounds would be one of the casualties of this job, especially since I’m allowed to take home a free loaf of bread after each shift. But I’ve budgeted for that – only taking bread one or two times a week and giving away much of it to family and friends.

So five pounds? Already?

It seems I didn’t account for the ridiculous amount of snacking that happens here during the day. Everyone in the office is extremely generous and they’ve shared everything from deviled eggs and Tabasco-flavored chocolate to frosted cookies and a candy jar that never seems to run out. The pastry department, which is both my favorite and my most dangerous place to visit, sends out new items for us to try as well as any extras lying around. Then there are the customers who visit, bringing us homemade enchiladas and hummus just because.

All this time I thought journalists were the ones scoring all the free food in town.

Obviously not. So, yeah, five pounds.