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    Whole Cakes, Pies and Tarts

    We offer a wide selection of totally indulgent tarts, pies, mousses, and specialty cakes for pre-order. Some are occasionally available for immediate pick up at the café as well. Share our special full tarts and cakes with deserving friends; for that special occasion, or just as a “me” treat at home while you watch reality […]

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    Whole Cakes, Pies and Tarts

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    At Bread & Cie, our distinctive breads are fresh baked seven days a week. The unique flavors, textures and crusts give our breads a wonderful versatility and are a result of meticulous preparation using age-old artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients and the finest stone-hearth oven imported from Europe. All of the breads at Bread […]

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    The Café

    As you sip a cappuccino in our cafe and savor the vast array of bread or pastries, croissants and sweet baked goods fresh from our oven, you will be surrounded by our aromatic bread show. Our café offers a “bistro” breakfast and lunch menu including specialty sandwiches designed for our bread, a variety of fresh and original […]

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    The Café

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    Can’t bring everyone to our cafe? Check out our special catering menu for your next business meeting, sales call, family gathering or whatever the occasion. Sample a selection of our hors d’oeuvres-sized specialty sandwiches, bite size pastries, gourmet salads and house made soups or any other of our gourmet café baked goods and treats. Can’t come yourself […]

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    Since 1995, Bread & Cie. Wholesale has baked rustic European artisan breads on stone-hearth ovens for all leading San Diego restaurants, hotels, and markets. Our distinctive line of hand-made pastries, sweet baked goods, croissants and other vienoisserie is now also available for wholesale. Baked fresh and delivered 7 days a week Competitive prices Greater bread […]

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The Café

As you sip a cappuccino in our cafe and savor the vast array of bread or pastries, croissants and sweet baked goods fresh from our oven…

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It would be our pleasure to be part of your next business or social event. We offer breakfasts, pastries, fruit platters, sweets, coffee and…

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Since 1995, Bread & Cie. Wholesale has baked rustic European artisan breads on stone-hearth ovens for all leading San Diego restaurants…

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Brezzy Leigh’s Vision: Art @ The Café

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

Art on the walls at our café is not news, with a new show by a local artist every month. However, we are particularly proud this month to be showing the most recent work of photographer, Breezy Leigh. Ms. Leigh chose our café to be the first local venue to display her new collection. The reaction has been swift and strong:

“Ms. Leigh magically captures the recognizable essence of every locale she photographs and transports us immediately through her camera lens. Yet her images are transformative. Her camera is the master of contradictions and contrasts — her use of luminescent light against a backdrop of blackness, her silhouetted shapes against a darkening sky, her sense of the moment that manages to integrate stillness and motion – these are the hallmarks of her work. Her images are powerful, recognizable and evocative. Truly beautiful.” Demitriy Davidoff, Nations Art News

The show will be up throughout the entire month of April at the café. All photographs are original and framed by the artist and Ms. Leigh has agreed to sign all photographs. Born in San Diego, Ms. Leigh has been pursuing the visual arts for over ten years and currently works at Bread & Cie. Café.

Whole Cakes, Pies and Tarts

We offer a wide selection of totally indulgent tarts, pies, mousses, and specialty cakes for pre-order. Some are occasionally available for immediate pick up at the café as well. Share our special full tarts and cakes with deserving friends; for that special occasion, or just as a “me” treat at home while you watch reality TV. We certainly have something to make your day extra special, because we know you deserve it.
CLICK HERE to see our full selection of irresistible whole cake, pies and tarts.

Orders may be taken by phone at 619.683.9322 or in person at the Café.

S’il vous plait, we request 48 hour notice to prepare your special order.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the café and a manager will be happy to assist you.

Painter Jael Brael at the Café

Painter Jael Brael

Yael Brael

For me, painting with oil is a type of magic. My images are interpretations and reflections of how I feel about what I see. My deepest area of concentration is to make every brush stroke reflects the intensity of color and the affect that light has on it. I include Faberge eggs because the jewels with which they are made dazzle the senses.

Yael’s work is a quixotic juxtaposition of color and light intertwined with a hint of darkness. The flow of energy is fascinating in that it is static and liquid at the same time mixing an observable realism with a sense of whimsy and curiosity. When Brael paints it is as if she takes a deep inhale and the exhale is an explosion, on canvas, of a vast myriad of images and objects falling on the canvas in an explosion of color and light. Yael has been involved in numerous artistic and creative mediums including pottery, neon, photography and jewelry.

She is currently studying painting at the Andrea Rushing Academy of fine Art. Rushing says of Brael’s work that it is “…highly individual and immediately identifiable.”

Pane Carsioni

As ever sensitive to the community and the growing trend toward vegetarianism, veganism and all things gluten free, the Bread & Cie. Bakers are proud to introduce our newest bread that we are calling:
Pane Carsioni (bacon and pancetta bread)
Traditionally, when we announce a new bread this written section contains a flowery description of the taste, taste overtones and a meticulous breakdown of the ingredients (ie “ ….overtones of winter wheat and a buttery chestnut springtime accent adds to the overall gestault of our new bread’s crumb” etc.)
But this is bacon bread for God’s sake. Made with two types of cured pig. And bacon grease. So just know it’s made with bacon, pancetta and seasoned with ground black pepper. And the overall dough is a light and sweet sourdough.
We love it. Hope you will too.

We are the SD Reader Cover Story!

Charles has always said there is a little bit of him in each Bread et Cie loaf. Well (as witness by this cover photo) we find out it wasn’t a metaphor.
Feature writer Maryann Castronovo peels away the layers and dares to reveal the true story the has never been told before:
Read about: Bob Hope’s influence on Charles and Bread & Cie
You’ll be amazed: To find out how a career in B- filmmaking lead to artisan bread making
Find out: How a phi beta kappa from Berkely was suckered into marrying Charles
You won’t believe: How Bread & Cie. began and what it was “the first” at
You’ll try to forget: Charles’ childhood and pastAttached: Photo of reader cover

See the full San Diego Reader story here:


Bonus Video!
Here’s how Charles’ idea for the cover photo became a non-photo shopped reality:

Currently on display: art with heart

If you’ve gone to the cafe lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the beautiful mosaic art hanging on the walls.

There are rolling pins and pizza peels (also known as pizza shovels) whimsically decorated in colorful pieces – some with designs like fireflies and fruit, others abstract. See them in person and they’ll instantly make you smile.

Art at Cafe

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

It turns out the items were created by adults with developmental disabilities from the St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center in El Cajon. Since 1972, the organization has been teaching its students vocational skills as well as how to live independently. Bread & Cie’s been partnering with the organization over the years, displaying its artwork and bringing awareness to St. Madeleine’s.

For this particular installation, the adult artists began by drawing an image on their wood surface. Then came the difficult task of covering the pieces with tiny bits of glass and ceramic, including grouting between the spaces. Finally, they painted and sanded the exposed wood.

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

Mosaics from St. Madeleine Sophie's Center

The mosaics on display are also for sale, with the money going back to the art program. You can find out more about St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center here.

Hillcrest Closet Menu revealed!

It’s time to “out” the first series of sandwiches from our Hillcrest Closet Menu exclusively to you, our online friends and followers.


A blend of Manchego and ricotta cheese with roasted eggplant and capers grilled on Levain.

Manchego Suprema

Manchego Suprema

Sharp cheddar and sliced baked potato with chives on Caramelized Onion bread.

Grilled Potato & Cheddar

Grilled Potato & Cheddar

Crisp bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese  with house-made Chipotle Peppered Nectarine Jam on our classic French Batard.


Smokey Bacon & Pepper Jack with Chipotle Pepper Jam

Smokey Bacon & Pepper Jack with Chipotle Pepper Jam

Stop by the cafe between Monday, May 7 and Friday, May 11 2012 to be among the first to taste these new and extreme Bread & Cie. gourmet creations. You won’t see these grilled cheese sandwiches listed on the menu, but go ahead and order them anyway.

The sandwiches are $7.95 but Closet Menu insiders only pay $2.95. It’s the least we can do for your courage and honest reaction. (We’re donating the $5 per sandwich difference to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

We’ll use your feedback to decide which items are good enough to come out of the closet and make the jump to our mainstream sandwich board.

Send your thoughts to Bread & Cie’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and remember to keep checking this blog for details.


Presenting Bread & Cie’s Hillcrest Closet Menu


Coming Soon: The Bread & Cie Closet Menu

It’s a secret. We’re only telling people about it online.

Over the next few weeks, we’re previewing new sandwiches on what we’re calling our Hillcrest Closet Menu.

New items will be revealed exclusively via Facebook and Twitter and you can taste test some new  – and  extreme -  Bread & Cie. gourmet creations before they go up on our regular menu.

The sandwiches are $7.95 but Closet Menu insiders only pay $2.95. It’s the least we can do for your courage and honest reaction. (We’re donating the $5 per sandwich difference to the Make-A-Wish foundation.)

We’ll use your feedback to decide which items on the Hillcrest Closet Menu are good enough to be “outed” for everybody.

Stay tuned to Bread & Cie’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or keep checking this blog for details.

The story behind Bread & Cie’s challah

Bread and Cie challah

Bread & Cie's six-braid challah

Even though we’re all about rustic European breads here at Bread & Cie, it’s kind of funny that one of our most popular items is challah.

Challah is a soft, sweet braided bread traditionally used for Jewish Sabbath dinners. As a Jewish person who has consumed plenty of challah over the years, I can wholeheartedly say that, yes, ours is the best. (I’m only sorry that it’s not Kosher because I can’t share it with my religious friends.)

Millie Kaufman

Grammy Kaufman

Recently, Charles mentioned that the challah recipe was his grandmother’s. I was about to  get all sentimental about it, but he stopped me. Apparently Millie Kaufman wasn’t really all that grandmotherly. She cursed. She ate raw food. She lived in Manhattan. She was no warm, fuzzy sitcom kind of grandma.

But those things sounded pretty awesome to me, so I asked Charles to tell us more about the woman responsible for the San Diego’s best challah.

1. Millie Kaufman, food pioneer

Back in the 1950s, before people worried about eating vegan and growing their own vegetables, Grammy Kaufman was buying organic and baking bread from scratch. She also followed the teachings of Scott Nearing, who (Wikipedia says) was a political activist and advocate of simple living. Millie went to Nearing retreats in Vermont, where they’d spend four hours working in the field, four hours doing something intellectual and four hours engaged in something spiritual. I think I may try to adopt this lifestyle one day.

2. Millie Kaufman, socialist

Charles was about five-years-old when he’d go to Grammy Kaufman’s apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Apparently, Charles’ father was supposed to be visiting with her once a week, but instead he’d drop off his three kids and he’d go off and do his own thing in the city from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Millie had newspapers everywhere and would go on rants about politicians like Richard Nixon and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Kaufman siblings knew more about Karl Marx before they got out of elementary school than most people know about the socialist philosopher in their lifetime.

3.  Millie Kaufman, baker

In her neighborhood, which, at the time was an extension of Harlem, Millie was known as the “old lady in tennis sneakers.” She was loud and cantankerous and everyone on 103rd Street recognized her. But what temporarily calmed Millie down was feeding her grandkids. She was worried about pesticides and only served them organic meals. And along with baking fresh challah, she’s also responsible for Bread & Cie’s Seedy Multigrain. 

Millie and Stanley Kaufman

Millie and Stanley Kaufman circa 1920

4. Charles Kaufman, traditionalist 

Grammy Kaufman passed away when Charles was 8-years-old, but she left behind  her recipes. And once Charles got into the bread business, he experimented with the challah. Instead of making it with three braids, for instance, he made it with six. He added  poppy and sesame seeds. But everything else he kept exactly the same and that’s the challah (and brioche) that we’ve all come to love.

I asked Charles what he his grandmother might say if she knew he was selling her bread all over town.

“She’d take a taste and ask how much I was charging. And after I’d tell her she’d say ,’What, do you want to be the richest man in the cemetery?”

French Metro Tea for three

I’m not just saying this because Charles is in here, staring over my shoulder, watching me type. I’m saying it because it’s true: I love tea. Love it.

Years before I ever started working at Bread & Cie, my friend Angela and I would have lunch at the Cafe several times a week specifically because they carried a Japanese milk tea. (Where is that, by the way, Charles?) My Facebook profile lists “tea time” as one of my main interests.  One of the first things my husband and I did after we got engaged in London was go to Harrods for high tea, where we were served tiny cucumber sandwiches, scones with fresh cream and all the Darjeeling our giddy selves could drink.

So when I found out Bread & Cie now serves a French Metro Tea in the afternoons, my first reaction was (with apologies to Liz Lemon), “I want to go to there.”

French Metro Tea at Bread and Cie

I invited two girlfriends, Keli and Maya, to meet me at the Cafe on a busy Saturday afternoon and they happily obliged. They didn’t even grumble about the parking situation, which on that day was a bit horrendous.

We picked from a list of teas from the San Diego-based Tea Gallerie – which included everything from green, herbal and white teas. But because I can’t drink mine without milk in it, I opted for a black tea – Coconut Cacao, which has a hint of chocolate, vanilla and coconut. Another thing I did, which maybe I shouldn’t admit because I was still officially on the clock, was I got a glass of Prosecco. It costs an additional four dollars and is totally worth it.

After about 10 minutes, a lovely, three-tiered plate of treats arrived at our table. The top plate had fresh fruit, scones and clotted cream.  Some assorted tea sandwiches, including the obligatory cucumber and cream cheese, were on the second level. And the bottom plate was full of pastries, like  French Macarons, mini cupcakes and lemon bars.

I’m telling you, it was so pretty that at least two tables next to us were inspired to order it for themselves.

As we sampled and chatted, it hit me just how very easy and casual this was. The reason I don’t go to tea in San Diego is because it seems so exhausting. You have to make a reservation and get dressed up and be on your best behavior because the plates are probably very fancy. But, as the name implies, the French Metro Tea is definitely more metropolitan and modern yet still retains the “specialness” that comes with going to tea.

 So what were our favorites? Obviously the tea, especially if you choose an adventurous flavor like Maya’s Chocolate Mint Red. The clotted cream you put on the warm scones is so perfect you’ll want to eat it straight from a spoon. You can never go wrong with any of our pastries, especially the brightly colored Macarons. But our very favorite was a grilled cheese that’s not just cheesy on the inside but also has a crisp layer of cheese on the outside.

Our French Metro Tea is served from 2 to 5 p.m. daily for $15. 95 a person. As mentioned earlier, Prosecco is available for an additional $4.  No reservations necessary, just order at the counter.





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